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This site provides the trend of financial indicators of Japanese listed companies.

A unique feature of the information provided on this site is that it shows the trend of monthly financial indicators estimated from quarterly and full-year financial statements.
In estimating monthly financial indicators, 12-month moving sum is used for income statement and cash flow statement accounts such as revenue, income, and cash flow, and linearly interpolated balance from amounts at beginning and end of the period is used for balance sheet accounts such as total assets, equity, and debt.
*12-month moving sum is the sum of the amounts for the previous 12 months from the point of calculation, assuming that amounts accrue evenly each month within the quarter (if the quarter is not disclosed, the half year or the full year). Adjustments are also made for irregular period.
*In calculating financial indicators, the amounts in the first report of Kessan Tanshin Report are used first and then the amounts in the first report of Securities Report are used to update them. (In case that a correction report is disclosed after the first report, the recalculation is not performed using the corrected amounts).
*When there are changes in accounting standards during the presented period, the values calculated under different accounting standards are mixed in the graph. In addition, when multiple first reports under different accounting standards are disclosed by Kessan Tanshin Reports for the same accounting period, financial indicators are updated in the order in which they are disclosed.
*For reasons, such as when financial statements contain non-standard account names (namespaces), financial indicators may differ from the accurate values.
*This site does not provide financial indicators for some listed companies for the following reasons. (1) Short disclosure period of Securities Reports or Kessan Tanshin Reports, (2) Financial institutions, (3)Technical constraints on data extraction, etc.